The Newfoundland Food Fishery

The Newfoundland food fishery is a time when Newfoundlanders are able to return to age old traditions of catching cod fish for personal consumption.  The Newfoundland cod fishery was the key industry on the island for centuries until the Canadian Government shut it down indefinitely in 1992.

This decision ended the traditional way of life for many Newfoundlanders living in outport communities.  The annual food fishery is a small conciliation for this loss of
lifestyle and staple ingredient in Newfoundland cuisine.  During the fishery each boat on the water can pull in 5 fish per person to a max of 15 codfish per boat.

The food fishery certainly changes the scenery around Trinity during this time.  The normally empty bays are dotted with small fishing boat, the wharfs occupied with men and women bent over the splitting tables skillfully filleting their catch with skill and
precision before they leave a select few out to dry in the sun.  The rest of the fresh fish fills the fridges of friends and family and everyone comes up with different ways to serve the
catch: cod au gratin, cod chowder, cod provençal, or pan fried on its own…the
list goes on.

Over the years many of our guests staying during this period have been offered to ride along with the local fisherman and share in the experience. It is without a doubt one of the most authentic and memorable experiences any of our guests could ask for. It has served as an excellent way to educate visitors in the traditions of this place and people.

The next food fishery will be open from   September 24th – October 2nd and is open to both residents and non-residents.

Cod Jigging in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland