Why We Invest Financially in Our Local Trails

Anyone who runs a small business knows how it feels to receive phone calls, emails and surprise visits from people and organizations asking for donations of money, goods or time to charitable causes or not-for-profits. As much as we would like to help everyone who asks, its not always possible. As a result, there is often a process of considering whether or not a contribution will make an impact that means something to us personally, our business or our community.  When the Artisan Inn was asked to become a yearly sponsor of the Hike Discovery Trail Network (a network of six trails and growing) we knew that it would be a contribution that would mean something to all three and here’s why…


With the exception of a few donations, the trails themselves don’t generate money from those who use them so finding the money and man-hours to maintain them can be a struggle. The government will often only invest in such projects if the private sector insists that they see a value in it, which often means investing one’s own money. When the private sector, government and other funding agencies collectively invest in preserving our natural landscape, it sends the message that creating a tourism industry that is ecologically sustainable is not only important, but a top priority.

photoIf it weren’t for trails we would have a more difficult time running our business in the shoulder season.  While we would sometimes like to think that people are coming to Trinity just to see us, we know that if we are going to expect anyone to drive to the Bonavista Peninsula for multiple days they are going to need great things to do.  During the shoulders of the season (early May and late October) many of the standard attractions are not open because many can only hire staff for the busy season.  Knowing that we can provide days worth of high quality, well kept coastal hiking and walking trails that offer spectacular views of wildlife, the ocean and breathtaking geological formations, means that we can confidently insist to those booking that one day in the area won’t be enough to see it all.

securedownload-11Trails aren’t just a tourist attraction; they are an important piece of infrastructure for our community.  Going out for a daily walk is how many people maintain a healthy lifestyle in our area.  As a business, it is important to us that our staff has access to clean, safe and beautiful places to walk.  Its great to talk to them about their morning and evening walks, jogs and hikes and how they saw whales, icebergs, moose, foxes or picked berries for hours.  It makes everyone more positive about life and where we live and that attitude is reflected when they are on the job.

As for myself, I can often be found on the trails when I need time to think, weigh decisions, spend a little alone time, or better yet when a friend is visiting and I want to show them that we live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

To learn more about some of these trails on the Bonavista Peninsula visit our Hiking and Walking page.  If you would like more information regarding how you can help maintain the trails, contact us at hiking@trinityvacations.com and we will put you in contact with the the right people!

Be sure to look for our sponsorship plaque as you hike the trails!

Hike Discovery Sponsorship Card

Marieke Gow
Artisan Inn Manager and Blogger

The Artisan Inn Operates between the months of May and November in Trinity, Trinity Bay Newfoundland.  The inn offers a selection of rooms, suites and vacation homes as well as a fine dining experience by the water at the Twine Loft.